Welcome to our EFCL staff blog! The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues is a unique organization that was founded in 1921, by the first nine community leagues that formed between 1917 and 1920. These volunteer community leagues formed the EFCL to have a unified voice at City Hall, and to support each other as they dedicated their efforts to improve their communities by building amenities, and providing recreational and cultural opportunities for their neighbours.

As staffers, we often get to see first hand how remarkable these volunteers are, and part of our job is to provide them with educational tools so they can do their jobs more effectively. In this blog, you may see the highlights of a seminar or workshop we’ve attended, and some of the take-aways we will use to help our leagues. You may also read about something we been up to as the EFCL, our *personal take on something that impacts our leagues and their communities, or a special something that’s close to our hearts.

We hope you enjoy our ramblings and will become interested in the EFCL and its now 157 community leagues; we’re always busy, so check us out at www.efcl.org

*The opinions and views written here are strictly those of the writers and are not connected in anyway to the positions they hold as employees of the EFCL. Nor do they reflect the values or policies of the Edmonton Federation of Communities Leagues, its board members or its membership.


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