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Celebrate your community’s super heroes

superheroSMNora Begoray, EFCL Marketing Director

April 7, 2019 – Sometimes as a society, we look for heroes. Mabel and Spiderman championing the cause of the Cancer Society, our Edmonton men walking in High Heels to shine a light on Domestic Violence for the YWCA, and we are so amazed by their efforts – they inspire us to move mountains.

When it comes to communities, we might think that we need heroes to help our communities be strong, but our heroes might live closer to you than you think!  Consider these wise words published recently by the Tamarack Institute.  The EFCL is supporting their Deepening Community Conference at Concordia University June 7-9.

They say:

“The heroic approach to community assumes that the community itself is somehow inadequate and in need of rescue. But the truth is, every community, no matter its state, has possibility. Every community member, no matter who, has something to offer. When we, as a community, discover our own super strengths we build a resiliency that stands up to some of our toughest challenges. It is possible to be our own superheroes.”

Our own local initiative here in Edmonton that is supported by Edmonton community leagues and the City of Edmonton – The Abundant Community Initiative – finds our superheroes in Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD). Christie Nash from Tamarack describes this as

“…an approach to community building that asks the question ‘Where is the beauty?’ ABCD mobilizes community growth and social change, not by focusing on needs, but rather on assets – it is about empowering people to discover and utilize, the gifts that already exist within themselves and their community. It is about finding your superpowers.”

The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues is the support organization for the 157 independent community leagues in Edmonton that each have hundreds of volunteers. Local super heroes that each day, are honing their skills to govern and steward their neighbourhoods through building a playground for their local residents, or advocating for safer streets (40k speed limit initiative), building community gardens, creating fun programs to keep their kids and youth engaged, or their seniors active and fit – all while encouraging connection with families, residents and neighbours.

At EFCL, it is our mission to help our leagues in their important work as Local Heroes.

Do you know a local neighbourhood hero? If you would like to send your local superhero to this upcoming conference, check out  #nbrhdhero contest details  and nominate them by May 1.


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