Resilience Festival great opportunity for two young volunteers

(L-R) Volunteers from The Meadows Community League, Iman and Kassidey, were thrilled to meet Edmonton mayor, Don  Iveson.

(L-R) Volunteers from The Meadows Community League, Iman and Kassidey, were thrilled to meet Edmonton mayor, Don Iveson.


By NORA BEGORAY, EFCL Marketing Director

February 10, 2015 – The EFCL was proud to be a part of Edmonton’s first Resilience Festival, which was held Feb. 8 and 9 at the Boyle Street Community League Hall. The EFCL and community leagues are passionate about supporting local opportunities for people to get together to develop relationships that make our neighbourhoods stronger, more sustainable and more resilient.

The event was organized by The Local Good. There were all kinds of relationship building opportunities, exchanging information about sustainable environments, protecting our provincial headwaters, sharing yard space for gardens and understanding what goes into making communities resilient.

The festival was a delightful mix of interesting things to learn, but it also had a great deal of local artwork to see,  handmade crafts we could buy and some wonderful free samples. Our team particularly enjoyed the Chocolate and Cherry jam made from Fruits of Sherbrooke, a not-for-profit group that rescues backyard fruit and ensures it is not wasted.

Another reason this festival was such a pleasure to participate in, were my two young volunteers from The Meadows Community League, Iman and Kassidy. They were a delight to work with.

Volunteering with Community Leagues is a great way for youth to gain valuable life skills in a super supportive setting.  Even helping to round up and organize kids for an activity can provide beginning skills in event planning, teaching, social or recreational work.  Being connected with community organizers will provide opportunities to model cooperative decision making and bring awareness to what can be achieved when people, maybe with very diverse interests work together for the benefit of all.

Iman and Kassidy had an interest to “make their weekends more productive” and work on their social skills.  Iman is in the leadership program at her junior high school, and typically shy, she was amazed to realize how receptive and kind people are to a simple smile and a, “ Hi, how are you today?”

Iman and Cassidy are great ambassadors for encouraging friendly, active and engaged neighbourhoods.


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